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Introducing Avotone Anti-Wrinkle Cream

If you’re frustrated and angry after spending hundreds of dollars on skin care without any results, then this could possibly be the most important thing you read today.

Many women come to us very disillusioned by their experience trying other wrinkle creams on the market. We’ve found there are two main reasons for this:

Reason #1

They’re worried about applying more dangerous chemicals to their face. If you’re like most of our customers, you may have already subjected your skin to chemical peels, toxic ingredients, and dangerous injections. We want to tell you upfront that Avocare has:

  • No harsh chemicals,
  • No injections,
  • No toxic acids.

See, most of the beauty products sold today are painful and damaging to your skin and although they may make you look better today, the end result is always the same: Old, wrinkly skin that deteriorates even faster than normal.

Avotone’s combination of proprietary, clinically proven ingredients are packed with naturally-sourced ingredients - producing noticeably tighter skin while at the same time improving your skin’s lifelong health.

Reason #2

The other products simply don’t work. All the major brands make the same tired old claims, and the same empty promises – they suck you in, then fail to deliver.

Then when you try and get a refund? They tell you the product is past 30 days old and cannot be returned.

So, we understand that you’re reading this with a very skeptical mind right now – and that’s why we want to make this offer right now, upfront on the page and not buried in the fine print at the bottom:

It’s Like a Facelift in a Jar

  • No toxic ingredients
  • No dangerous, harmful chemicals
  • Made from all-natural ingredients
  • Unprecedented guarantee

“Lori was 60 years old and used Avotone for only a month when a friend commented how much younger she looked and asked what she was doing different.” * Full testimonial below

“Nancy, age 59, had only used Avotone one single week when her daughter noticed her age spots had vanished” * Full testimonial below

When people experience results like the above, they are happy to share their before-and-after photos online with us.

This provides proof that people just like you can experience facelift-like results in only a matter of weeks.

In fact, prior to using Avotone, we encourage you to take a before photo of your face (especially around your eyes and mouth) so you can go back and look at the way your wrinkles and age spots disappear right before your eyes.

Then, you have a full 90 days to continue using the product. If you are not visibly younger looking within that time frame, return the unused portion, and receive 100% of your money back.

No other skin care product dares make this unprecedented guarantee



Avotone Skin Care Products has blended Avotate together with avocado oil. Advocate is a highly developed and unique ingredient. It contains the active ingredients Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, also known as Argireline. When this is combined with avocado oil, the results are amazing.

Remember, if you don’t look 8 years younger in just 30 days, we DOUBLE your money back.

Active Ingredients and their Beneficial Properties:

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 is a peptide that reduces the intensity of muscle contractions. By doing this, this means the number of impelling wrinkles which cause the skin to look aged are also reduced.

It’s basically the same way that Botox works – but without any toxins. (You did know that the ~tox in Botox stood for toxin…right?)

You get the same benefit with zero toxicity.

But it gets better.

Because Avocado Oil is highly rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D as well as Lecithin, Potassium and Chlorophyll. It has high moisturizing properties and is especially beneficial to rashes, eczema, mature skin, parched skin, and aging skin.

Avocado Oil is also one of the most highly penetrating oils used for skin care and is an important part of our patent pending delivery system.

Keep reading to learn more about this amazing super-ingredient.


Chlorophyll is a key element in the fight against aging skin. It can also be used to aid troubled skin by helping to fix pimples and sunspots. Chlorophyll is also known to help the skin fight against cancer.
Lecithin is a natural anti-oxidant that is used to protect the skin from dehydration. It is also used to soften skin and helps replenish the protective acid mantle of the skin.
Vitamin A is a protective vitamin used by the skin. It acts as an antioxidant, neutralizing the harmful elements in our skin, helping to prevent wrinkles, resisting infection and keeps our skin youthful.
Vitamin D is one of the only three vitamins that can be absorbed directly through the skin, and is a necessary part of the reproduction of new skin cells.
Potassium is another factor in helping to make sure that the skin is able to maintain its correct fluid levels.

As seen in Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Women’s Fitness, and Elle...

The proprietary formula of Avotone helps to naturally relax the muscles of the face using advanced peptides and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without injections.

Women who have added Avotone to their skin care regimen have reported amazing improvements in the appearance of their skin, including fewer fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity, and an overall younger appearance.

Finally... healthier, more elastic, glowing skin without painful injections, toxic acid peels, and damaging bleaches.

So, here’s what to do right now…

Scroll down and choose the package that work’s best for you. We’ll immediately process your order and rush ship it to your front door.

When your package arrives, go to your makeup vanity and look in the mirror – remember to take a before photo if you want – and read the instructions on the package and begin applying it gently. There will not be the burning sensation that you may be expecting – that’s because there are no toxic substances or harsh chemicals in our product. You’ll only feel the cool comfort of natural ingredients and pure avocado oil.

So, begin this process now, while you are thinking about it by scrolling below to select your best package.

Remember – You have 90 days to return if it isn’t everything described in this letter, so you have no risk in ordering right now.

Real People - Real Results

Lori - 60

After using Avotone for about a month, I noticed my wrinkles were shrinking a little. But, a friend commented at lunch how much of a difference she actually noticed and wanted to know what my secret was. I told her that I have been using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Face Cream. I didn't realize how much of a distinction it really made, until I started receiving, even more, comments from my friends and family. Thanks, Avotone!

Nancy - 59

I am outside a lot with our horses. After a week of using Avotone my 30 yr old daughter said "Mom your age spots are gone!" I have noticed my facial lines have softened and I am so happy to be using Avotone Face Cream. This year I will turn 60 and I feel so much younger in my face. Thank you again for this wonderful, easy to use product.

Pat - 50

Like most women, I have been concerned about the crow's feet around my eyes and my wrinkles getting deeper. I have used Vaseline for years, but because it's so oily I could only apply it at night. After using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Cream I found that my crow's feet began to disappear and my wrinkles started to fade. I found that I could also apply it in the morning and still put my make up on. My husband has noticed the change and is now using it himself. Thank you Avotone

Brooke - 26

Playing sports in the sun throughout my high school years had really damaged my skin. I had been using Avotone Face Cream for only a couple of weeks when people began to comment on how healthy my skin looked. I knew it was the Avotone Face Cream that was giving me such a smooth look. I now use it regularly to keep that younger looking skin and to bring back what the sun had started to take away from me.

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    • $89.95
      • All Natural Formula
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    • $159.95
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      • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back

We're convinced you'll love this product as much as we do. So, if for ANY REASON you’re not completely satisfied, just return your order within 90 days and we’ll issue a full refund of the purchase price!

That’s right. You have a full three months to use it. If you are not absolutely convinced that it is the most effective product you’ve ever used, return the unused portion and we’ll give your money back with no questions asked.

In other words, try it on us for up to triple the length of most guarantees. Get your money back if you don’t love it.

This is the best guarantee on the market because it leaves you with zero risk.