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  • Lori - 60

    After using Avotone for about a month, I noticed my wrinkles were shrinking a little. But, a friend commented at lunch how much of a difference she actually noticed and wanted to know what my secret was. I told her that I have been using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Face Cream. I didn't realize how much of a distinction it really made, until I started receiving, even more, comments from my friends and family. Thanks, Avotone!

  • Nancy - 59

    I am outside a lot with our horses. After a week of using Avotone my 30 yr old daughter said "Mom your age spots are gone!" I have noticed my facial lines have softened and I am so happy to be using Avotone Face Cream. This year I will turn 60 and I feel so much younger in my face. Thank you again for this wonderful, easy to use product.

  • Pat - 50

    Like most women, I have been concerned about the crow's feet around my eyes and my wrinkles getting deeper. I have used Vaseline for years, but because it's so oily I could only apply it at night. After using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Cream I found that my crow's feet began to disappear and my wrinkles started to fade. I found that I could also apply it in the morning and still put my make up on. My husband has noticed the change and is now using it himself. Thank you Avotone

  • Brooke - 26

    Playing sports in the sun throughout my high school years had really damaged my skin. I had been using Avotone Face Cream for only a couple of weeks when people began to comment on how healthy my skin looked. I knew it was the Avotone Face Cream that was giving me such a smooth look. I now use it regularly to keep that younger looking skin and to bring back what the sun had started to take away from me.

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