Why Avotone is the Best Anti Aging Face Cream

Avotone, formerly known by the trade name Avotox, is the best anti aging face cream on the market. Hardly anyone, male or female, likes to have his beauty marred by the wrinkled appearance of the skin. Wrinkles can have several causes. They can occur as a natural result of the process of aging. When the skin is exposed to water for prolonged periods, it absorbs it and so expands unevenly; and, conversely, dehydration can cause the skin to develop folds. Excessive exposure to the sun plays its part, too— and not just because of the UV rays themselves. People squint when the sun gets too bright, and this constant muscle action leaves its mark. Crow's feet— so named because of their appearance— often form around the eyes, for many of the reasons given above; the eyes are especially to drying and wrinkling, because there are no oil glands under the skin in that area. And women who smoke are especially prone to developing vertical lines around the mouth. Similarly, when the facial muscles habitually remain excessively tense, this contraction, too, can lead to wrinkles.

There are several ways to get rid of those unsightly wrinkles. Surgery may be necessary in extreme cases, as may injections; but the really wonderful thing about Avotone is that it renders injections unnecessary. It is this property which has gained it such popularity.

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The way in which Avotone works is through a unique combination of herbal remedies. The dominant active ingrediet is acetyl hexapeptide-3. The others are avocado oil, which is an excellent source of vitamins A and D, lecithin, potassium, and chlorophyll; propylene glycol, which is often used as a solvent in pharmaceuticals; acrylamide colopymer; fragrance; ethylparaben, commonly used as an antifungal preservative; methylparaben, also an antifungal used in cosmetics; and propylpareben, a preservative often used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as a food additive. These ingredients all work together to relax the muscles of the face. Avocado oil also works as an anti- oxidant; some, but only a very few, people are allergic to it. And there is no possibility of skin irritation from Avotone, because of its pH balance.

Basically, the correct way to use Avotone is to apply it to those areas of your face which you wish to improve, twice a day— once in the morning, and again just before going to bed— for at least a month. The skin should be both clean and dry before application. Only apply a tiny amount; too much of it is harmful. Once it is on, thoroughly massage it into your skin and allow it to dry before applying makeup. Do not apply Avotone more than three times a day, as it is a very concentrated formula, and do not allow the cream to get into your eyes, or on your eyelids. The results of applying Avotone may be seen in as little as eighteen days, or in as many as thirty. Additionally, you can use cosmetic injections in combination with Avotone to get even better results— although you should wait for at least five minutes after applying Avotone.

This anti aging face cream may be especially popular among women— who tend to care more about their appearances than men do— but it works just as well for men. Or maybe even better— research has found that men take less care of their skin than women!

Avotone Body Sculpt is another of this company's valuable products. It is made mainly for women who are seeking to remove those ugly "divots" in the buttocks and outer thighs, but it can also help tone down fat- filled areas of the body, because the aminophylline in contains, cuts down the release of hormones that play a role in storing fat.

Here are just a few of the many success stories that customers who have used the product have given:

  • "My girlfriend asked me if I had had a face lift."
  • "I noticed a reduction in the appearance of my wrinkles after only one week. Their customer service was extremely helpful, and the product helped soften and moisturize my skin."
  • "The light non- oily texture allows me to use all of my regular cosmetics without that heavy layered feeling. I feel my skin looks healthier, it is smoother looking and soft to the touch."
  • "My husband says that I look like I 'm 30 again!" (This customer is 54.)
  • "The Avotone product allows me to happily look in the mirror and view a more youthful looking me!"
  • "My wife nearly dropped her makeup brush when she saw my face."
  • "I used to have the vertical crease between my eyebrows and one forehead line, but they 're both gone now. I 'm told quite often that I do n't look like I 'm in my mid-forties and I owe it all to Avotone."
  • "I get comments from everyone about how great I look, I have n't felt this good about my appearance in years!"

All products manufactured by Avotone have been clinically tested and the results have come back positive; no ill effects have been reported. no matter how old your wrinkles are, Avotone can easily remove them. Average customer rating from Amazon: four and a half stars.