Why Avotone is The Best Overall Anti Aging Cream

Avotone anti aging cream works in several natural ways to reduce the signs of aging. These include a key peptide that affects the small muscles beneath the skin, electrolytes that adjust cellular fluid content, moisturizing elements and vitamins that are an essential component in cellular protein repair. It also contains chlorophyll and lecithin for their reparative properties. Axotone is quarantined to take off 8 years of aging in 30 days of use. Many users see immediate results.

Argireline (Acetyl Hexapeptide-3) is an active portion of the Botulinum toxin (Botox) molecule. When applied topically to the skin, it reduces the underlying neurotransmission of muscle contractions. This relaxes the skin that is on top of the relaxed muscles, providing fewer wrinkles in the skin contour. It is the same effect as the injections without the doctor's visit and pain from the injection. Application to the skin directly is not irritating.

Avocado oil is an essential component of the patented formula that helps Axotone cream beautify skin. Avocado is reach in vitamins, electrolytes, lipids and chlorophyll. It is also one of the oils that penetrate the skin easily; allowing its restorative properties to infiltrate the area's that most need repairing. This is particularly effective in dry, aging, eczematous or sun damaged skin.

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Vitamins are an important co-enzyme in many reactions that repair damaged proteins. The vitamin E in avocado is a particularly strong antioxidant that clears harmful free radicals produced by cellular metabolism and aging. Vitamin D is absorbed directly through the skin and is essential in new cell production.

Potassium is an electrolyte that moves across cell membranes. One of its roles is to control the water balance inside and outside of a cell. Given an excess of potassium directly to wrinkled skin allows more electrolyte inside of the cells. This brings more water into the cells and they plump up, smoothing out the retractions from dryness that increase wrinkles and the signs of aging.

Lipids (fats) are a part of every cell structure. They form the cell membrane. The natural lipids in Avotone enhance skin smoothness by supporting cell membrane integrity and fullness. This action occurs on the local level, the lipids are not absorbed into the blood stream to any extent.

Chlorophyll is the green coloration in plants. For plants, it is the site where oxygen is used to create energy and release carbon dioxide. In the skin, chlorophyll reduces age spots providing a more consistent tone to the skin. It can reduce pimples and is used to fight skin cancer.

Lecithin is a major player in the anti aging cream arsenal. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents dehydration by clearing out unnecessary excess free radicals. It also softens the skin by buffering the acid environment of the skins protective layer.

The unique formulation of Axotone added to a daily skin care regimen has been reported to enhance skin appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin and improving elasticity. This produces the appearance of more youthful, healthy skin.

After using Avotone regularly for a couple of weeks, one critical user thought she noticed smoother, younger looking skin. This was confirmed when she became a topic of conversation at her weekly bridge game. The ladies group of card players noticed the change and demanded to know which plastic surgeon she was seeing. They were amazed to find out the change occurred from Avotone anti aging wrinkle cream without painful injections or surgery.

The inert ingredients of Avotone are basic. They include propylene glycol, acrylamide colopymer, fragrance, ethylpareben, methylpareben and propylpareben. These stabilizing compounds have no known long term effects on the skin or body; they simply allow the active ingredients to come together to allow the anti aging cream to be used easily with maximal absorption.

Avotone anti-wrinkle cream is simply the most effective and least invasive way to minimize the signs of skin aging. One customer reported that after seeing the results from her using the anti aging cream, her husband started using it as well. It does not require a prescription, a doctor's visit, painful injections or chemical peel. It simply requires routine application. The makers of Avotone are so confident that their anti aging cream is so effective; they offer a 30 day guarantee that the user will look 6 years younger within the 30 days.

Avotone skin relaxant cream uses a synthetic portion of the Botox molecule with avocado extract to enhance the youthful appearance of skin. There are no risks to the user, all ingredients are documented to be safe. It is available without a doctor's visit and is discomfort free. Why wouldn't one want healthier, younger looking skin without pain or risk?