How to Use Avotone

  • Use Avotone once in the morning and once at night for 30 days. After 30 days, use Avotone once daily. (preferably at night before you go to sleep).
  • Ensure that your face is clean and dry before using Avotone.
  • Use Avotone before your normal daily skin care regimen.
  • Use approximately a pea-sized portion of Avotone in targeted areas of the face
  • Smooth Avotone gently onto targeted areas of the face and neck until thoroughly absorbed into the skin.

The Best Areas To Use Avotone

frown lines

Frown Lines: The advanced peptides in Avotone wrinkle relaxant can dramatically reduce Glabellar lines, otherwise known as Frown Lines, by relaxing the over contracted muscles of the forehead.

crow's feet

Crows Feet: Crow's Feet are usually the first wrinkles to appear and are caused primarily by exposure to the sun along with squinting. By promoting Collagen and relaxing the muscles, Avotone can significantly reduce crow's feet.

upper lip

Upper Lip: Many women, particularly smokers, develop small vertical lines around their lips. Avotone helps reduce the appearance of these lines by relaxing the subcutaneous muscles givng the skin a smoother more relaxed appearance.


Smile Lines: The nasal-labial folds, also known as Smile Lines, come from the breakdown of collagen, gravity, and smiling. Through the promotion of collagen and the gradual relaxation of the muscles, Avotone reduces the appearance of these lines.


Neck: The neck is an area that can suffer from sever wrinkling. Our customers have found Avotone to be very successful at reducing the appearance of the lines and smoothing the skin.


    Some people experience skin dryness due to the active ingredients of Avotone. If you experience any dryness we suggest that you apply a moisturizer on your skin after you have thoroughly rubbed Avotone into the targeted areas.

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