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Case Studies


Lori - 60
After using Avotone for about a month, I noticed my wrinkles were shrinking a little. But, a friend commented at lunch how much of a difference she actually noticed and wanted to know what my secret was. I told her that I have been using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Face Cream. I didn't realize how much of a distinction it really made, until I started receiving even more comments from my friends and family. Thanks Avotone!


Nancy - 59
I am outside a lot with our horses. After a week of using Avotone my 30 yr old daughter said "Mom your age spots are gone!" I have noticed my facial lines have softened and I am so happy to be using Avotone Face Cream. This year I will turn 60 and I feel so much younger in my face. Thank you again for this wonderful, easy to use product.


Pat - 50
Like most women, I have been concerned about the crow's feet around my eyes and my wrinkles getting deeper. I have used Vaseline for years, but because it's so oily I could only apply it at night. After using Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Cream I found that my crow's feet began to disappear and my wrinkles started to fade. I found that I could also apply it in the morning and still put my make up on. My husband has noticed the change and is now using it himself. Thank you Avotone!


Brooke - 26
Playing sports in the sun throughout my high school years had really damaged my skin. I had been using Avotone Face Cream for only a couple of weeks when people began to comment on how healthy my skin looked. I knew it was the Avotone Face Cream that was giving me such a smooth look. I now use it regularly to keep that younger looking skin and to bring back what the sun had started to take away from me.

Robin - 49
I am a "soon to be" 50 year old woman, who started using the Avotone product a few weeks ago. I was absolutely amazed to see such outstanding results!!! The Avotone product allows me to happily look in the mirror and view a more youthful looking me! Avotone wrinkle cream gets rave reviews in my book.

Kathy - 45
Just wanted to let you know how much I love your product.  Yes I was skeptical because everyone promises great results.  I do take care of my skin and I am always looking for products that my skin will tolerate.  I am highly allergic and don't like heavy or oily products that give my skin a shiny or oily appearance.  I do however like to look refreshed and have a glow to my skin.  I was so happy with the results of this product and I will continue to order it.  The light non oily texture allows me to use all of my regular cosmetics without that heavy layered feeling.  I feel my skin looks healthier, it is smoother looking and soft to the touch.

Stacey - 54
After using Avotone for two weeks I found my skin was very smooth, soft and nearly wrinkle free. My husband says that I look like I'm 30 again! Thank you Avotone, you have a customer for life!!

Janice - 34
I had some results from StriVectin-SD before, but the affects of Avotone wrinkle cream were amazing! I noticed a reduction in the appearance of my wrinkles after only one week. Their customer service was extremely helpful, and the product helped soften and moisturize my skin.

Ron - 38
I first tried the Avotone that my wife had ordered after getting a comment about being the old man in the office. The next morning my wife nearly dropped her makeup brush when she saw my face. I ordered my own bottle of Avotone wrinkle cream since my wife refused to give up hers.

Michelle - 45
I have been working out a lot at my local gym, but I always felt self conscious around the younger women who are there. After using Avotone for a few weeks, I feel less intimidated by them, and more like competition for them.

Kathy - 31
I work at a skin care product counter at a big department store so I try every wrinkle cream I can get my hands on but never got the results I wanted. I tried Avotone after seeing it on Soap Talk and I have to say even then I was skeptical. But after a few weeks people started commenting on how good I looked. Now when my clients ask me for skin care tips I tell them about Avotone.

JoEllen - 43
I have been using the Avotone Wrinkle Relaxant Face Cream since April both day and night. The cream is easily absorbed into my skin and leaves it feeling very soft and smooth. Often I have problems with my skin when using a new products due to my sensitive skin, but have not had a problem with Avotone Face Creams. I do notice that lines are less visible. This is a great product! Just add a sunscreen to it. Thank you.

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